Parent Reminder Emails


Reminder emails allow you to automatically send emails to parents reminding them that they are on your waitlist. You can modify the content of this email and set how often you would like it to be sent. You can also include a link for the parent to visit that will allow them to remove their child from the the list, or confirm their spot on the list.


This feature is only available with a paid Pro Subscription.

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On the home page, click on the Reminder Emails link under Features (Home > Features > Reminder Emails). Once on the setup page you can check the box to enable Reminder Emails. Once enabled you will be presented with the following options.

  • Frequency - This is the number of months between sending reminder emails. For example if you enter 3, the parent will first receive an email 3 months after the child’s Added On date. Then every three months they will receive another one.
  • Reply To Email Address - When a parent replys to the email, this will be the email address that will receive the reply.
  • Subject - The subject of the email. Tags (e.g. <child>) are not allowed in the subject.
  • Body - This will be the body of the email. You can customize it in just about any way you like including using HTML tags. There are also a couple special tags that you can use to include data about the family.
    • <parent> - Will be replaced with the parent’s first name.
    • <child> - This tag will be replaced with the child’s first name.
    • <confirm-link> - This tag will be replaced with a link to a page that will allow the parent to remove or confirm their child on the list. More detail about this feature can be found here: Confirmation Link on Email Reminders

The setup page looks like this:
2018 03 20 21 15 02 Reminder Emails


When the notification interval has passed for a child, the email will be sent automatically. The emails come from our automated system and have an email address of notice at waitlistreminder.com.

If the parent has more than one child on the list, they will receive multiple emails. One for each child.

We monitor the sent status of these emails, and if it’s determined that an email address is invalid, or for some reason undeliverable, we will mark the parent as having an “Invalid Email”. While marked “Invalid” we will not attempt to send another email. To remove this flag, you just have to edit the email address and save the parent information.

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