Online Submission Form


Allow parents to join your waitlist by filling out a simple online form. The self-service form submissions will feed directly into your waitlist.

2018 03 22 16 02 44 DaycareWaitlist  Join The Waiting List


On the home page, click on the Online Forms link under Features (Home > Features > Reminder Emails). Once on the setup page you can check the box to enable Online Forms. Once enabled you will be presented with the following options.

  • Contact email address - this will be used as part of the message that parents will see when they have successfully submitted the form. See below under “Usage” for an example.
  • Show Status Page URL - If checked, the parent will be provided a unique webpage link that they can access any time to check on the status of their child. View Child Status Page for Parents for more information.
  • Special Instructions - This text will appear at the top of the form while it’s being filled out by the parents. You can use it to include any instructions you like.

2018 03 22 16 42 12 Online Form Configuration


After you have turned the feature on and configured it, you can grab the url at the bottom of the setup page and share it with interested parents. Some ideas for where you can put it are:

  • Your website
  • Facebook
  • Email marketing Campaigns
  • Flyers and business cards

Filling out the form

When the parent clicks on the link, they will be taken to the form. Most of the fields that are available to you will show up here. Child Priority is one exception and can only be viewed by you. Any Custom Fields that you have setup to Show on Online Forms will also show up on the form.

After filling out their form, they will see the below success message that includes the email address you provided during setup. The second line with the link will only appear if you have turned on Show Status Page URL as part of the Child Status Page for Parents feature.

2018 03 22 16 31 59 DaycareWaitlist  Successfully Added To The List

Where to see new submissions

After the parent has filled out the online form, the parent and child information will be available for you to view and edit. The child will be automatically placed in the list based on their birthdate.

On the home page, look for Online Forms. There you will see all of the submissions in the last 14 days.