List Priorities


List Priorities allow you to override the default order of your list. Without any priorities, children will appear in the list in the order they were added. If you use priorities, the list will first be sorted by priority, then by added date. In the example below you can see that the first two children in the list have a red priority marker, they appear above the 3rd child even though they have a later added date.

2018 01 21 08 11 57 Waitlist


On the home page, click on the Priorities link under Features (Home > Features > Priorities). To add a priority to click Add Priority. Here you can select one of the two Automatic Priorities (see below for more information on these) or you can create your own. After you’ve added a priority you’ll be taken back to the Priorities screen where you can add more or set their order. The order is important as a child with a first order priority will placed above a child with a second or lower priority.


Set Priority on a Child

On the child edit page, in the waitlist section there is a drop down listing all priorities that you have selected.

Automatic Priorities

There are two priorities that will not appear in the priority drop down on the child page. These are set based on other data within the system.

  • Family of Staff - This priority will be set when a child’s parent has the Staff Member checkbox checked.
  • Family member enrolled - For this priority to be set, a child must have a sibling that was on the waitlist and has been removed with a status of Enrolled. For brand new lists you may have to enter a sibiling who has already been enrolled and immediately remove them for this to work.