Custom Fields


Custom fields allow you to capture more information about a parent or child that is on the list. You can create as many as you like and configure them to suit your needs.


To create your custom fields, navigate to Home > Features > Custom Fields and click on “New Custom Field”. On the Custom Field Create screen, you have many options.

  • Field Name - this is the name that will appear on the form both internally and on the public Online Forms page
  • Show For - You can set this field to show for parents, children, or both
  • Required - When checked you have to enter a value, if unchecked it is optional
  • Show On Online Forms - When checked, this field will show on the public Online Form. (note: The field will always show on all internal forms regardless this option)
  • Notes - This will be the help text visible next to the field on all forms.
  • Field Type - When “Textbox” there will just be an empty box to type into. When “Dropdown List” the form will have a list of options that you must select from.
  • Dropdown Options - Only needed when Field Type is “Dropdown List” - This will be the list of valid options that will appear in the list.

The setup page looks like this:
2018 02 19 21 13 05 Waitlist


After you have setup one or more Custom Fields, they will immediately appear on all internal forms and the public Online Submission Form (if you have checked the “Show On Online Forms” checkbox)

Below is an example of a “Days Requested” Dropdown List on a child form.
2018 02 19 21 27 30 Waitlist