Confirmation Link on Email Reminders


As part of the Parent Reminder Emails feature, you can include a link that will take the parent to a page to remove or confirm their place on the list. An example of the page the parents see is below:

2018 03 21 20 24 53 DaycareWaitlist  Update Waitlist Status


As part of the setup for Parent Reminder Emails, you can include the tag <confirm-link> anywhere in the body of your reminder email. While sending the email, that tag will be replaced with a link that is unique to that child.


The Email and confirmation page

When the parent receives the email, they can click on the link to take them directly to the confirmation page. Since the link is unique to their child, and contains no private information, there is no login required. The link will take them to a page that shows their child’s name and which list they are on. There are also two buttons to click on “Keep on List” or “Remove from List”. An example of this page can be seen above in the overview.

Remove from List

If the parent clicks on Remove from List the child is immediately removed from your waiting list. The family and child information is still in the system and can be searched for and/or viewed on the family page. That child will also appear on your home page under Auto-Removed.

2018 03 21 20 34 20 Waitlist

Keep on List

If the parent clicks on Keep on List the child’s status will not change. However, there will be record that the parent confirmed their child and that will show up in two places.

1. On the child’s edit page, you will see a gray label next to the waitlist name and position. This label will be there as long as the child is on one of your lists and will display the most recent date that they have been confirmed.
2018 03 21 20 39 43 Waitlist

2. On the main waitlist pages you will see a gray check mark behind the child’s name. If you hover over that check mark you will see the most recent date that the parent has confirmed.
2018 03 21 20 41 39 Waitlist

This check mark will only show for a period of time equal to your reminder email interval. For example, assume your reminder email interval is 2 months. If a parent received an email on 3/21 and they confirmed that afternoon, this check mark will appear until 5/22. And by that time, they should have received another reminder email and have the option to confirm.

No action by Parent

If the parent does not receive the email, or chooses to not remove or confirm the child, nothing happens. They will stay on the list and continue to receive email reminders at the interval you choose.