Child Status Page for Parents


This feature allows you to give access to parents to view the status of their child on your waiting list anytime they like. It’s only accessible by unique URL so the information is hidden from public viewing, but it does not require the parents to create an account or login to see the status. The URL will look something like this:


And that unique URL will take them to a page where they can see the current status like this:

Screenshot 2018 1 16 DaycareWaitlist Waitlist Status


The feature is always on so there is nothing you need to setup, but parents will only be able to use it if you give them the unique URL. There are two ways to do this:

Method 1

Get link from the child page
On the edit child page the child’s status URL is near the bottom. You can copy this URL and send it to the parents, who can visit the page whenever they like to see the updated status.
2018 01 16 21 04 51 Waitlist

Method 2

Show the link after parent fills out online form
The second way to get parents the URL is by using online forms. After the parent fills out the form, they will be provided with the unique URL for their child. You can turn this on in the online forms configuration screen.


After the link has been provided to the parent, they can click on it any time to view the current status of their child. Once they have been removed from your waitlist, this link will continue to work and will display that they are no longer on the list and show the reason you chose as to why they were removed.